Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Customer Survey results are in...

At Douglas Dickson we strive always to go that extra mile to keep our tenants and landlords happy and try consistently to improve our levels of service.

There is no mystery to why we try so hard: happy customers tend to keep coming back and, just as satisfying, are usually inclined to recommend us to others.

But while anecdotal evidence and a feel-good factor are all very well, there is no substitute for hard evidence of what our customers actually think of us.

To this end we recently conducted an extensive customer survey and, we are delighted to say, the results were highly gratifying.

Here are some highlights:


·         94% of customers would recommend us to a friend or family member. 35% were extremely likely to do so.

·         Our staff scored 82% or above on helpfulness, professionalism and speed of response.

·         We scored top marks for response to service and maintenance at 64%.

·         82% were either satisfied or very satisfied when being informed about when tradespeople would call.

·         94% of our customers are extremely satisfied with the level of communication they receive from us.

·         47% of our customers think we are significantly better than other agents.

Testimonials from survey:

·         “Very helpful whenever help was required and new furniture and home appliances were fixed/replaced when necessary”

·         “I feel they (Douglas Dickson) were very easy to approach with any problems or queries that my flatmates and I may have had”

·         “Much more approachable/helpful/friendly than any letting agent used in previous seven years of renting in Glasgow”

·         “I have rented from both large companies and private landlords. I think you guys have a nice balance. I don't feel just like another number…”

Whilst recognising we still have work to do we are suitably chuffed.

The benchmark has now been set at a high standard and our challenge is both to maintain and improve upon it. The results show that our 30+ years in the market means we know what we are talking about.

As always, to discuss anything you have seen in this blog or simply to arrange a convenient time to meet for a chat about the Glasgow property market, please call us on 0141 221 1827 or visit our website for more www.douglasdickson.co.uk.