Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Good news for Broomhill - Co-op to open

As I mentioned a while back, it has now been confirmed that the Co-op will be opening in the Broomhill Shopping Centre. 

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See the following links to media coverage of this  
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Broomhill remains an area I like a lot. It has always been a sound area to invest and I would recommend it as an area for longterm income and capital growth. 

Located north of the river, next to Partick and Hyndland, it is popular with young professionals and young families. It is well served by schools, parks and shops with the Broomhill Shopping Centre and the lively Crow Road. Housing is mainly in the traditional sandstone tenement flats.

In terms of property, there is strong rental demand - according to Lettingstats Summer report, properties only require an average of 9 days to find a new tenant. You can buy a 1 bed flat for around £120,000 and expect to get around £615 a month and a 2 bed flat for around £170,000 and expect to get around £835 a month, an average rental yield of 6%.

If you want to discuss the property market in Broomhill, at Douglas Dickson we are always happy to give you our unbiased opinion on which property to buy (or not as the case may be). Please feel free to contact me on 0141 221 1827 or via email: derek.livingstone@douglasdickson.co.uk.

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